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Songs for Amy

The award-winning Irish feature film, ‘Songs for Amy’ was written and produced by Fiona Graham. This feel-good, freewheeling love story is inspired by the music scene of the west of Ireland. The story follows Galway-based Sean O’Malley (SEAN MAGUIRE – Once Upon A Time) a struggling musician who persuades his band to record songs he has written for the love of his life, Amy (LORNA ANDERSON) in the hope of redeeming himself. The album’s production takes him on a roller-coaster journey of friendship, love, loss, music, hope and unexpected turns, where he is both helped and hindered by his bandmates. 


‘Songs for Amy’ features an original soundtrack by songwriters Ultan Conlon, Jim McKee and Alabama 3. 


 ‘The feel-good Irish hit of the year’ (HOT PRESS) 

‘Lots of laughs, tears, rock-star level partying and great tunes’ (WE ARE MOVIE GEEKS)

‘An awesome movie’ (MOVIE VINE) 

‘So much more than Ireland’s answer to The Hangover’ (THE LIST) 

‘Taking the cliché out of the love story’ (LA TIMES) 

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