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Goodreads Book Giveaway


Goodreads are giving away seven first edition signed copies of The Chancer by Fiona Graham. Click the link to enter >

About The Chancer

He was born to be a star. Pity no one else thought so.

In 1989, in the west of Ireland, Donnie McNamara, tired of being a family disappointment, buys a one-way ticket to Tinseltown to pursue his ridiculed dreams of acting.

Abe Nelson, a fallen Hollywood legend, now wallows in LA dive bars.

Their worlds collide. Abe becomes a mentor for Donnie and is catapulted into his fantastical endeavour.

But will the journey to stardom end in red carpets or red faces?

'Chance would be a fine thing. But The Chancer is the finest - and funniest thing of all' - Olaf Tyaransen, Journalist & Author

'Hilarious and heart-warming, The Chancer sparkles and pulls you in from the first page. A dazzling debut from Fiona Graham. I devoured it' - Emma Heatherington, Best-selling Author

'Fantastic book! Sharp, funny and extremely enjoyable' - Sean Maguire, Actor

'You'll smile, you'll gasp, and you'll laugh out loud. The Chancer is a rollercoaster ride of pure Irish gold. Graham's debut is pacy, punchy and a pure joy ' - Chris Harvey, STV

'Funny, heartwarming, upbeat, and a touching endorsement of family, friendships, and the redeeming power of love and dreams' - Reedsy Discovery

'Outstanding! Full of heart and packed with humour' - Anita Stratton, Radio Broadcaster

'A raucous tale of a hunt for stardom with family at its heart' - LoveReading

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